London Energy Brokers’ Association ("LEBA")

Representing the interests of OTC energy brokers.

  • The London Energy Brokers’ Association (LEBA) is an independent industry body. LEBA was formed in 2003 to represent the interests of London-based energy brokers.

  • More than $2 trillion worth of energy is traded through London-based brokers each year, with data from the broker market helping to drive energy markets throughout the world. LEBA members are involved in all key product groups within the energy sector, oil, gas, power, coal and emissions. One of the key outputs of our membership is the provision of UK power, emissions, European gas and coal indices, which have become global pricing benchmarks for the market.

  • LEBA’s sister association, the European Venues and Intermediaries Association promotes and enhances the value and competitiveness of Wholesale Market Venues, Platforms and Arranging Intermediaries by providing members with co-ordination and a common voice to foster and promote liquid, transparent and fair markets.