IOSCO Compliance

Statements, Frameworks, Code of Conduct

IOSCO Compliance

Structure of these Statements

For the purpose of these statements WMBA Limited and LEBA Limited shall be referred to as the ‘Administrators’ where the context requires unless the content is specific to one administrator where that administrator will be individually named.


IOSCO Compliance Statement

The Administrators, subject to the proportionate approach detailed in the ‘IOSCO Proportionality Statement’ and the representations made by contributors to the benchmarks, make this assessment of compliance with the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks for those benchmarks identified in the ‘Index & Benchmark Portfolio’.

A list of public policies and procedures supporting these assessments is provided below:

The Administrators note that whilst the objective of IOSCO was to create an overarching framework of principles for benchmarks used in financial markets, the Administrators shall, where possible and proportionate, apply the framework to all the indices that they administer.

For further information in respect of these policies and procedures, or supplementary internal documentation identified, please contact WMBA Limited or LEBA Limited on 020 7947 4900 or

These documents are accurate as at the date of publication. The Administrators reserve the right to make changes to these documents to comply with changes in benchmark regulation.